Hi, my name is Almog, I'm 25 years old and I live in Israel.
I paint with a mixed technique of watercolors and ink to create surreal, dreamy and emotional images. My painting subjects include experiences, feelings and thoughts. I'm also a graphic and motion designer and I'm in my last year of visual communication studies at Shankar College here in Israel.

My paintings have already been sold in galleries and collections.
some of my past exhibitions\ projects:
  • "Life In A Dream"
  • "From A Bubble"
  • "Treasure Art Hunt" 
  • "We love Florentine"
  • "Painteen"
  • "Israeliut" 
  • "World creation"
  • "Embracing our Differences"
  • "Community creates and remember"
  • "KO - Art fair"
  • "KO - art week"
  • IWS Plovdiv youth festival